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Name: 8 Channel Video Converter
Time: 3/26/2014
Product description: The Product is a fiber optic digital multiplexer for transmitting 4~8 channels of high quality, uncompressed digital video, 1~8 channels of bi-directional data and audio, 1~4 E1 and one 100M Ethernet over a single fiber cable.
Product details :

 Transport 4~8 channels of High quality video over one optical fiber cable 

 Exceed RS250C Medium Haul Specification for DG, DP and SNR. 

 6.5MHz video bandwidth, Compatible with NTSC, PAL and SECAM 

 Uncompressed video, 8 Bit digital encoding/decoding 

 Transmission of 8 channels of any directional audio 

 Provide 8 channels of bi-dir data compatible with RS232, RS422/RS485 

 Support 4 E1, G.703 standard 

 One 10M/100M Ethernet compatible with IEEE802.3 

 Easy installation and adjustment free 

 Transmission up to 60KM over one fiber 

 Stand alone operation or mount in Model DW-VCC2 chassis 

 Lightenig Protection:IP20

 Part Number  Description  Download
 DW-VCT8V-02  Transmitter, 8 Channels Video, multimode, 2km  Download
 DW-VCR8V-02  Receiver, 8 Channels Video, multimode, 2km  Download
 DW-VCT8V1D-20  Transmitter,8 Channels Video,1 channel reversed data, single mode,20km  Download
 DW-VCR8V1D-20  Receiver, 8 Channels Video, 1 channel reversed data, single mode, 20km  Download