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Again Here Comes the Dragon Boat Festival
Author:sales055   Source:Dongwe   Date:6/19/2015   Hits:


   Again here comes the Dragon Boat Festival, and it starts from 20 June to 22 June, 2015.

    Last time we had a story about Great Patriot Qu Yuan, please kindly see Now we would like to talk about another legend about famous dutiful daughter named Cao E. The girl was from Donghan Dynasty. Her father was died of drowning in the river,then 14 years old Cao E cried sadly along the river and wanted to find

her father's  body. However, she found nothing after 17 days hardwork. Finally on 1st May she decided to drowned herself in same river. Perhaps to keep her father company. Five days later, people found there floting the bodies of the father and daughter in the river. For this moving story, people came together and worship them. It's on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month.

    So people keep the traditional Dragon Boat Festival till today.

    Hope all of you have a nice weekend and a pleasant holiday. 

    For any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will try to answer you ASAP.

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