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Networks 100G CFP SR10 Optical Transceiver Module
Author:sales055   Source:DONGWE   Date:7/11/2016   Hits:

    After our team's long time hard working, our Networks 100G CFP SR10 Optical Transceiver Module finially appears on the market. It is a high performance,low power consumption, short reach(1m to 100m) interconnect solution supporting100G Ethernet and PCIe. It is compliant with the CFP MSA and IEEE P802.3ba100GBASE-SR10. DONGWE Networks CFP SR10 modules offer 10 transmit and 10receive asynchronous channels operating at up to 11.2Gbps per channel.


¨        Transmission data rate up to 11.2Gbit/sper channel

¨       CFP MSA compliant

¨       Compliant to IEEE 802.3ba specification for100GBASE-SR10 links

¨       Up to 11.2Gbps per channel bandwidth,

¨       OTU4 compatible           

¨       10 channels 850nm VCSEL array

¨       10 channels PIN photo detector array

¨       OM3Multimode Fiber cable of up to 300m and OM4 Multimode Fiber cable of upto 400m

¨       MDIO digital diagnostic and control capabilities.

¨       compliant to CFP MSA Management InterfaceSpecification, Draft 1.4

¨       TX input and RX output CDR retiming

¨       Hot pluggable electrical interface

¨       Power class 1 (<8W max)

¨       Operating case temperature

        Standard :  0 to +70°C

        Industrial : -40 to+85°C

¨       3.3V power supply

¨       RoHS 6 compliant(lead free)


¨       High-speed core router interlinks and data center aggregation

¨       Test equipment

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