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Qing Ming Festival from 2015-4-4 to 2015-4-6
Author:sales055   Source:DONGWE   Date:4/2/2015   Hits:

    Qing Ming Festival, which falls on April 5th this year, is a festival to hold memorial ceremony for the dead. It is a time to express one's grief for his lost relatives.

    People often go to sweep and weed graves with whole family and take a walk in the countryside as well.In Tang Dynasty, the habit of taking an excursion on this day was developed. At this time, spring returns and dominates the earth again. The feel of growing  life is in the air, with sap ascending in trees and buds bursting. But it actually means more than that. This custom can be traced back to over one thousand years ago.

   For Qing Ming Festival, we will have 3 days off, from April 4 to April 6. But for any questions about products or order status, please feel free to contact us via Skype, Email etc, we would be glad to hear from you.

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